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Date: Wed Mar 05 1997 - 13:08:17 EST

> > I saw a reference to Wallace's grammar, but I do
> > not have a copy.
> The reference is: Wallace, pp. 103-4. He gives as examples: Matt. 9:34;

Thank you for the references. I will look them up.

> and heir of a domain" is the referent to PROTOTOKOS (your LXX reference
> was helpful here).
> S. M. Baugh

One kind reader privately emailed me with a mistake in that post.
When I quoted the LXX at Ex 22:28 where Paul quoted from at
Acts 23:5 'ARXONTA TOU LAOU SOU' I made an error. I was off by
one verse and in my haste to post did not proofread. The LXX does
indeed use 'ARXONTAS TOU LAOU SOU', not 'PRWTOTOKA'. My apologies.

Now I know at least two people read my post !

Thanks for the reply,
Larry Kruper

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