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Date: Fri Mar 07 1997 - 10:57:26 EST

Just brief comments on Carl's Conrad's; more later!
Carl Conrad wrote:
>>Now, about FANERWQWSIN in 1 Jn 2:19. I would assume that it is the correct reading as the lectio difficilior, the forms
in the singular being, as you suggested, copyists' "emendations." I'd
understand this as a passive 3d plural,the subject of
which is implicitly the apostates who have left the Johannine community,
and I'd understand it as you have, "They left us
because they aren't part of us .. so that they might be shown up,
because not all are part of us." I think that the hOTI
clause is perhaps misunderstood by some to be the subject of
FANERWQWSIN, and I believe that's what those copyists
thought too, but I think that the hOTI here is explanatory: "since,
because." If Brown's hypothesis (which seems to me to
make sense) in _Community of the Beloved Disciple_ is right, then "those
who left" are the gnostic majority of what had
hitherto been a Johannine Community which is only now entering into full
communion with the apostolic community.<<

Frankly, I'm bowled over with your boldness here. And intregued! Other
opinions on the way?? By the way, here's a data report: 1 Jn 1:19 is
only occurrence of this plural type of thing for FANEROW (except 2 Cor.
3:3). All others are sing., and no OTI clauses connected that I saw.

>>What find interesting especially here is this hINA solitarium clause that seems to be distinctly Johannine. I have no
reference works with me in my Blue Ridge hideaway, but I suppose this is
usually explained as an elliptical construction
with an introductory clause omitted that was something like TAUTA OUN

This is exactly what our references say about ALL' hINA (e.g., BDF sec.
448[7]). At least one example in Mark, but most in John as you
suspected. (BDF's reference to Epictetus 1.12.17 should be looked at in
context--it doesn't seem to be quite the same thing.)

A message to "little Greeks" (as one friend recently called himself in
private email): keep hacking away. After 20 years I still am learning
lots of fun stuff about GNT.

S. M. Baugh
Westminster Theological Seminary
in California

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