Romans 1:20 apo ktisews kosmou tois poihmasin *nooumena* *kaqoratai*

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Sat Mar 01 1997 - 10:49:23 EST

I'm not sure about the phrase NOOUMMENA KAQORATAI in this verse:

Roma 1:20 (GNT) ta gar aorata autou apo ktisews kosmou tois poihmasin
nooumena kaqoratai, h te aidios autou dunamis kai qeioths, eis to einai
autous anapologhtous,

I'm reading it this way:

apo ktisews kosmou: ever since the creation of the earth
tois poihmasin: dative of means - through that which was made

nooumena kaqoratai: this is where my questions are.

What is the subject of NOOUMENA? It is plural, so I assume that TA AORATA is
the subject. But what, then, is the subject of KAQORATAI, which is singular?

This is the only place that KAQORATAI appears in this form in the GNT. Can
it mean something like "it is evident"?


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