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From: Micheal Palmer (
Date: Sat Mar 08 1997 - 22:49:21 EST

At 9:46 PM -0500 3/7/97, Mark Bruffey wrote:
>I think it is pretty clear that ek ergwn signifies that "works" is the
>"means" by which someone edikaiwqh in both passages. Since Paul speaks
>about how salvation is appropriated whereas James speaks of how
>salvation is evidenced, it is then not at all unreasonable to hold that
>dikaiow has a different sense at Romans 4:2 than at James 2:21,25. Since
>both senses (1) "to be made/declared righteous" and (2) "to be
>vindicated" can be demonstrated from other passages outside these, it is
>fully consistent with both use and context to understand sense (1) at
>Romans and sense (2) at James.

Thanks, Mark. This is pretty much what I meant in my longer post a few
minutes ago. I had not yet read your response to this question. It is, of
course, the larger context of the whole letter of James and the whole of
Paul's discussion of justification which makes it possible to make the
distinction for which you argue.

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