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Date: Mon Mar 10 1997 - 08:19:53 EST

Tim Copeland (
Sun, 09 Mar 1997 23:39:33 -0800

> Oh ye men of wisdom,
> I joined b-greek hoping to learn more about the Greek translation
> of the bible; however, it is evident I have bitten off more than I can
> chew and I am definately not in your league. I have read numerous
> e-mails to individuals and have yet to find any information on basic
> study guides for the beginner or whatever it takes to begin a bible
> study on the Greek translation, along with little on God's word.

How much do you know at this point? Are you comfortable with
the alphabet? Can you read simple sentences? Have you read
anything in Greek? The next step depends a lot on how far
along you are already. I'm self-taught, as are several others
here. This is a great place to ask advice!

> You folks have definately done alot of research on sentence
> structure, and maybe that is what this is all about; however, I didn't
> vision it that way. I also joined b-hebrew and am experiencing same.

Well, it *does* tend to be all about that. If I leave out most of
a w-, you can probably g- what I mean fairly easily because
of the c-. The sentence structure carries a lot of the meaning.

> Do any of you know of some basic course on the internet for an
> individual(s) who are not as well versed as yourselves? A version that
> is understandable? Also, do any of you know how to unsubscribe from
> this service.

There isn't anything that is very far along yet, though there are
at least two sites starting on this, and a third which I know
about. In a year or so, this should be easier to find.


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