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From: Perry L. Stepp (
Date: Tue Mar 11 1997 - 08:50:08 EST

I am using the TLG on Macintosh at Baylor (using Pandora, I think(?)--the
icon name is "Launching Pad"), and have questions for those knowledgeable
(spelling?) in its use. I am looking for ways Greek authors used
succession language (DIATIQJMI, APWLEIPW, etc.) This search has
dissertation implications.

1.) If I enter DIATIQJMI, will the search bring up any and all forms of
the verb, or will it only bring up PAI-1s? Do I have to enter every form
for every verb if I want to catch every use?

I've been working under the impression that the above is true--that I
needed to enter every form. Thus I've been searching for
fragments--_APWLEIP, _APELIP, etc. (The underscore represents a space at
the beginning of the entry, which--if I understand the online
documentation, the only documentation available to me--causes the engine to
search for fragments BEGINNING with APWLEIP, etc.) Is this the only way to
do what I'm trying to do?

2.) Is there a TLG equivalent for the Latin corpus?

Grace and peace ("Puzzled in Peoria")

Perry L. Stepp

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