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Date: Wed Mar 12 1997 - 09:21:21 EST

At 7:54 AM -0600 3/12/97, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>Yes, and you WILL have to have an entry for each possible stem (_APOLEIP,
>_APELEIP, _APOLIP, _APELIP, _APOLELOIP, _APELELOIP {to get the plupfs, if
>there are any), _APOLELEI {This will draw in some other verbs, perhaps,
>but you won't have to put in each consonant that assimilates to the
>personal endings}, _APELELEI, _APOLEIFQH, _APOLEIFQE {for any odd aor.
>pass. ptcs.).

Oops, left out one (and maybe others): to get the indicative aorist
passives you'll also have to have the augmented stem APELEIFQH. For a verb
that means "leave off," we wouldn't want to "leave off" any part of it.

It now occurs to me that you just might be able to retrieve all forms of
APOLEIPW more easily by using the compound search for fragmentary words in
proximity, entering the two items, _AP and _LEI; that might draw some
secondary chaff, but I think it ought to retrieve all the possibilities in
one search, after which you can do the threshing. At any rate, it seems
worth trying in order to avoid having to run separate searches for all
those different stem-forms with and without augments.

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