Re: Greek pronunciation: blurb material?

From: Micheal Palmer (
Date: Wed Mar 12 1997 - 23:11:23 EST

At 7:58 AM -0600 3/12/97, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>This was sent to me rather than to the list, where I think it belongs. It
>doesn't appear that this answers the specific question whether there's an
>endorsement of modern Greek pronunciation for Koine of the NT; I am very
>much inclined to think that's to be found here.
>>Check a book by D.A. Carson entitled (something like) Greek Accents: A
>>Student's Manual. I am not sure if he endorses the use of accents in
>>teaching Greek, but he is known for mentioning the relevance of the accents.
>> I believe the book is published by Baker.

Carson's little book does not discuss Modern Greek pronunciation (though
I'm working from memory here...), but it is a great little manual for
learning the system of accents. I highly recommend it but, unfortunately,
it's out of print. If you find a copy, grab it!

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