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From: Jim Oxford (
Date: Fri Mar 14 1997 - 00:44:48 EST

At 11:08 PM 3/13/97, Tyler, Cheryl Anne wrote:

>This is very interesting, but do you think that people who have a born
>again experience are silly or intellectually impaired? What about the
>Bible, do you consider it The Word of God or just a collection of nice
>prose that can assist to guide us down this path we call life?
>Do you find an absolute in anything in life relating to Jesus Christ?
>Do you consider Him divine or a good teacher?
>Just wondering.
>Cheryl and Michael Tyler
I must confess that I'm in the dark regarding the above post. Is this post
directed at Holmes? Is Holmes the referent of the "you" in the above

It seems to me that Holmes posted something given to him by a colleague in
an effort to answer a previous question. What, then, is the relationship
between the above questions and Holmes' post? Perhaps I've been reading
too much Westcott and Hort!


Jim Oxford
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