Re: KATAPOA (was John 3:18 and English "article")

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Fri Mar 14 1997 - 06:52:04 EST

At 10:03 PM -0600 3/13/97, Tyler, Cheryl Anne wrote:
>I was wondering if any of you have the meaning for the word Katapoa?
>Michael Tyler

I am at a total loss to find a relationship between this question and my
all-too-lengthy message that was cited with it. I thought perhaps I had
misspelled some of my Greek and written KATAPOA, but I didn't see it upon
re-reading the original post.

Are you sure that KATAPOA is Greek? the elements of it could be the adverb
or preposition KATA and the noun for "grass," but the only stab in the dark
I could make for KATAPOA as a Greek noun is that--just maybe--it refers to

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