Re: Object of the preposition

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Fri Mar 14 1997 - 08:28:36 EST

My deepest and sincere gratitude go to Micheal for the splendid and
thorough response to my question about the subject at hand. I'm grateful
too that he's argued his case persuasively but undogmatically, doing full
justice, I think, to the validity of both diachronic and synchronic
perspectives on the evolution and on syntactic/semantic usages that can be
assigned analytically to distinct eras in the history of the language.

I'd like personally and publicly to thank all the professional linguists
that I am fully aware of who have contributed much to the understanding of
us lesser creatures who have paid a lot of attention to Greek grammar but
who are (I should speak primarily for myself) really "dabblers" in the
"higher mysteries" of linguistics. I'm thinking of Mari Olsen, of Rod
Decker, of Phil Graber, of Micheal Palmer, and of our newcomer (relatively
speaking), Rolf Furuli. My sincere apologies to any I have omitted by
oversight, but I do want to say that we are all in debt to you.

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