Etymology of BEBHLOS

From: H. Fred Nofer (
Date: Fri Mar 14 1997 - 13:47:42 EST

I am reading in II Timothy and came across TAS BEBHLOUS in 2:16. This is
also found in I Timothy 1:9; 4:7; 6:20 and Heb. 12:16. Some of my
sources suggest that this comes from BAINW via BEBAIOS; others from BAINW
via BASIS.

If the former (BEBAIOS) is correct, how do translations use such words as
"profane," "worldly," and "godless" when BEBAIOS has reference to that
which is "firm," "durable," and "unshakeable?"

Following the other "route," though I see the relationship between BASIS
and BAINW, I have difficulty in understanding what "foot" has to do with
what we find in the passages listed above?

And, in general, by what semantic route is BEBHLOS derived from BAINW?

I'd be much obliged for some input on this.

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