Date: Wed Mar 19 1997 - 17:40:29 EST

Dear Carl,

Could you please *briefly* explain to me the various postures that people
are taking theologically on MONOGONHS? I see a lot of rebuttal, but the
issues as to what some are arguing in favor of are still unclear to me in
some areas. I think it would be clearer to me if I understood the
underlying theology and I trust that in your experience you understand (or
have been exposed to) the various postures. These are the postures I see
thus far:

- Unique with no idea of birth. This would make Jesus the 'only god (1:18)/
Son(3:16) of his kind.' This is what I understand your position to be and I
wish to make sure I understand it clearly.

- Beloved based on the LXX Gen 22:16 rendering/ Heb 11. No idea of birth.

- Unique and idea of birth (1). This would make Jesus the first Son
directly "birthed/created" by God and then all other "sons of God" were
"birthed/created" by God but through Jesus.

- Unique and idea of birth (2). This is what I think I understand least,
but I am not sure I know what I don't know. I see lots of argumentation
that Jesus was "birthed." But are they arguing that this was on the earth
in Luke 2:7? Or is the position one that the Son of God was (for lack of a
better term,) "spawned"/ "generated" from the Father in the beginning and
that this makes him MONOGONHS? Or are both positions being espoused by
various persons?

I see the arguments but do not see what is behind the argument.
Thanks very much.

P.S. If you are ever in Denver area, please do let me know in advance.

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