Hebrew -> LXX

From: Andrew Kulikovsky (anku@celsiustech.com.au)
Date: Wed Mar 19 1997 - 22:40:06 EST

Fellow Greeks,

Much of the discussion on this list relates to NT Greek, but my question
is about the Greek of the LXX.

I wish to know how good the translation from the Hebrew is, to the Greek
of the LXX?

The LXX was produced by 70 Jewish scholars - do we know who they are and
how well they mastered the Greek language?

Just how good a translation is the LXX of the Hebrew?

Are there any significant textual problems?

Doug Stuart in his book OT Exegesis states that generally the LXX should
be treated as an equal with the BHS. Is this fair and good advice? Why
or Why not?


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