Revelation 12:17

From: Leo Percer (
Date: Thu Mar 20 1997 - 15:20:19 EST

Hello all:

I have been doing research on Rev. 12 and came across a very interesting
interpretation of Rev. 12:17 based on an even more interesting
interpretation of the word LEIPO. Now, unfortunately, I do not have my GNT
here at work, so I can't look this passage up and properly transliterate
everything, but maybe you all can help me out. The author in question
claims that LEIPO in v. 17 should be translated as a participle ("those who
forsook") rather than the normal translation of "the remnant." If it is
any help, the passage is in the section of Revelation that presents the war
in the heavens and Satan's anger at being cast down. I think most
translations read something like, "And the dragon was enraged with the
woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, . . . ." My
question is this--what is the best sense of LEIPO in this sentence?


Leo Percer
Waco, TX

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