earlyish English New Testament

From: Brian E. Wilson (brian@twonh.demon.co.uk)
Date: Fri Mar 21 1997 - 09:59:28 EST

>Joseph August wrote:
>Newbie, here. Could someone tell me what is the earliest version of
>the Bible-NT in particular-available in translation (to English), and
>include publisher's info etc.?

William Tyndale, born about 1494, was strangled and burned at the stake
in 1536 for presuming to translate the New Testament into English. He
first produced a printed translation of the New Testament into English
in 1525-1526. This was revised several times during his life time. One
edition of Tyndale's New Testament (1534?) , with some modern English
spellings, is published by Yale University Press, and I understand this
is available your side of the Atlantic.

Is 1534 earlier enough for your purposes, Joseph?
Brian E. Wilson

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