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Date: Wed Mar 19 1997 - 22:24:44 EST

Carl W. Conrad wrote:
> (1) Let me begin with what Louw-Nida offer by way of a summary in their
> index to usages of DIA in the NT. I'm certainly not going to try to discuss
> each one but rather search for what, if anything, is the common element.
> DIA a. by (agent)
> b. by (instrument)
> c. through (means)
> d. on behalf of (benefaction)
> e. because of (reason participant)
> f. on account of (reason)
> g. through (extension)
> h. along (extension)
> i. during (time)
> j. throughout (time)
> DIA units
> DIA BRACEWN briefly
> DI' ETWN after years
> DI'hHMERWN a few days later
> DI'OLIGWN in a short time
> DIA PANTOS regularly
> Carl W. Conrad

I'll be keeping my eye on this one. It looks interesting. I have time
for a few
small observations before dinner.

The passage in Heb 2:10 employs DIA twice in the sentence, once in the
and once in the genitive. CB Williams renders the second in a very
interesting way,
'First Cause' with a footnote (f) 'Grk., For the sake of-by whom.'.
Goodspeed uses
the same term 'Great First Cause'.

The general rule in Porters Idioms appears to be Instrumental in the
and Causal in the accusative, but in Romans 11:36 instead of DIA used
two times
we have EK and DIA contrasted.

I have run out of time. I am being called for dinner.

Larry Kruper

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