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From: Raymond Chen (
Date: Mon Mar 24 1997 - 04:05:50 EST

On March 22, 1997 Dale Wheeler wrote:

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>Another thing has recently struck me about many of the posts to bgreek
>(maybe its just me ??; and please don't take offense William [the original
>poster]); many of the questions asked can be resolved by a quick check of
>the BAGD Lexicon or a standard grammar like Blass-DeBrunner-Funk. I'm just
>wondering why more questions and answers don't cite the tools...just musing
>outloud...feel free to ignore !

I have had the same impression and wonder how much work people have done in
researching their questions before posting them on B-Greek. It would also be
very helpful, when a passage is the focus of discussion, that one interact
with the reference grammars and commentaries (especially when the view
espoused stands contrary to them). A recent example of this I find in the
post re: Stanley Porter and Periphrastic Participles. If my comment seems
incompatible with the practices on B-Greek, please forgive me and disregard

Grace to you,

Raymond Chen
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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