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From: Sara R. Johnson (srjo@uhura.cc.rochester.edu)
Date: Mon Mar 24 1997 - 10:09:36 EST


I've just made my way here from the CLASSICS list, where a discussion is in
progress over textbooks to be used in teaching New Testament or Koine Greek
at an introductory level. Classicists are increasingly being called upon
to teach NT Greek, but most of us have more familiarity with classical
textbooks than koine textbooks.

I'm reposting some of my questions here, in hopes of reaching those with
more experience teaching NT Greek. If there is an FAQ somewhere on the
subject, I'd be grateful for a pointer!

>>We are planning to teach intensive koine Greek next fall, covering as much as
>>possible in one semester so the students can read the N.T. or other koine
>>in the spring term. Any ideas about which textbook would be best for this?
>I also might be teaching New Testament Greek for the first time next year,
>so I would be interested in seeing answers to this!
>I have just been spending some time searching the web for information on
>Koine Greek, with only limited success. I did find one site which was
>(For those with older browsers, there are both framed & non-framed versions.)
>This site presents an online overview of NT Greek, but also has a section
>recommending various NT Greek grammars and study aids. FWIW, the textbooks
>recommended by the author of this site include:
>David Allen Black, *Learn to Read New Testament Greek* (Broadman Press)
>William D. Mounce, *Basics of Biblical Greek* (Zondervan)
>I would be interested to hear comments from those who have actually taught
>with these or other books.
>In addition to the textbook question, I have some other questions:
>1. Are there any good online resources for the study & teaching of NT
>Greek that I've missed? Is there a site or FAQ somewhere that would
>collect a list of these online resources?
>2. Can anyone recommend a good mail-order company or bookstore for this
>subject? Rochester has only one small divinity school bookshop in town,
>and it would be nice to have other resources to turn to.

Thanks for any advice/help!

Sara R. Johnson
Department of Religion and Classics
University of Rochester

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