Re: Intensive koine Greek

From: Geordi Steele (
Date: Sun Mar 23 1997 - 16:34:08 EST

There is, as I recall a New Testiment Greek mailing list focusing I belive
on the Acts. Maria Peneli's resource list has the info.

BTW I can't find her url, if someone has it and will forward it tome, I
will be grateful.

                God bless,

                        Geordi Byron

On Sun, 23 Mar 1997, Sara R. Johnson wrote:

> >We are planning to teach intensive koine Greek next fall, covering as much as
> >possible in one semester so the students can read the N.T. or other koine texts
> >in the spring term. Any ideas about which textbook would be best for this?
> >Thanks in advance. J.Reedy
> I also might be teaching New Testament Greek for the first time next year,
> so I would be interested in seeing answers to this!
> I have just been spending some time searching the web for information on
> Koine Greek, with only limited success. I did find one site which was
> helpful:
> (For those with older browsers, there are both framed & non-framed versions.)
> This site presents an online overview of NT Greek, but also has a section
> recommending various NT Greek grammars and study aids. FWIW, the textbooks
> recommended by the author of this site include:
> David Allen Black, *Learn to Read New Testament Greek* (Broadman Press)
> William D. Mounce, *Basics of Biblical Greek* (Zondervan)
> I would be interested to hear comments from those who have actually taught
> with these or other books.
> In addition to the textbook question, I have some other questions:
> 1. Does the mailing list NT-GREEK still exist? I have been unable to
> subscribe to the (rather old) address that I have for it, and the List of
> Mailing Lists at Maria Pantelia's site has been inaccessible for the last
> two days.
> 2. Are there any good online resources for the study & teaching of NT
> Greek that I've missed? Is there a site or FAQ somewhere that would
> collect a list of these online resources?
> 3. Can anyone recommend a good mail-order company or bookstore for this
> subject? Rochester has only one small divinity school bookshop in town,
> and it would be nice to have other resources to turn to.
> If list members feel that this subject should be taken to private e-mail or
> discussed elsewhere, I would really appreciate being included in the loop!
> Thanks much!
> Sara R. Johnson
> Department of Religion and Classics
> University of Rochester

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