From: Mari Broman Olsen (
Date: Tue Mar 25 1997 - 14:28:15 EST

Micheal Palmer writes:

I have also benefitted from Fanning's treatment of commands and
prohibitions. I do think that your summary could be useful to many on
the list, and would like to encourage you to post it.

I also think Mari Olsen might have some helpful comments to offer on
this topic. (Are you out there, Mari?)

I am out here, and was just hoping someone would ask for the Fanning
summary. I haven't done any systematic treatment of negatives and
aspect cross-linguistically, so I'd hesitate to offer anything beyond
Fanning at this point.

As a teaser (and link to previous discussions about the middle), I can
offer that Hopper and Thompson's article on "Transitivity in grammar
and discourse" notes that the negative tends to co-vary with
INtransitivity in languages. That is, in languages that mark
(in)transitivity and negatives morphologically, syntactically, or
semantically (that's a hard one to explain in a short msg, but they
include it), negatives, if they co-vary regularly with transitivity,
will appear with the intransitive morphological marking.

Sort of free association, but I thought it was interesting....

Happy Spring!

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