Re: PISTOU CHRISTOU formulation in Paul's epistles

From: kdlitwak (
Date: Wed Mar 26 1997 - 22:50:24 EST

Tim, I think you can find recent commentaries that also support an
objective genitive. Try Moo, for example. In addition, there was an
article in Novum Testamentum about three years ago on this phrase in the
early Church fathers to show how they understood it. The article argues
that the Fathers pretty unanimously took it as objective genitive. I'm
not persuaded by the arguments for subjective genitive, esp. when I can
find so many parallel passages on exercising faith to receive salvation.
It can't be decided by grammar alone. It's also always possible that
Paul was comfortable with it having both senses, even if his intended or
real readers didn't see them. I've come to feel more and more that many
of Paul's argments may have puzzled not just modern scholars but Paul's
real readers.

Ken Litwak

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