Re: Verbal Aspect Clarification

From: S. M. Baugh (
Date: Thu Apr 03 1997 - 10:05:52 EST

Jonathan Robie wrote:
> Could you please explain the "3D" notation you used in statements like these:
> >For instance, the present tense form of the complementary
> >infinitive is default after MELLOW (P[resent]=3D84; A[orist]=3D7) or
> >ARCOMAI (P=3D87; A=3D0), but after DUNAMAI (P=3D57; A=3D154) or
> >ZHTEW (P=3D3; A=3D32) the default is aorist.

Jonathan and all,

I have no idea how "3D" got in there. I composed the note in MS Notepad
and copied it to Netscape mail It looked fine [no 3Ds] when I sent it.
Delete them and you have what I wrote; e.g., MELLOW (P[resent]=84;
A[orist]=7) or ARCOMAI (P=87; A=0) etc.


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