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Date: Sat Apr 05 1997 - 11:14:27 EST

Rod Decker wrote:
> Thanks for the bibliog. note on b-grek re. Rijksbaron and Stork.
>I haven't been able to find a listing for the Stork vol. you cite,
>but I did find a very recent one. Are you at all familiar with this
>one? Can you provide me with any more bibliog. info on the "Aspective
>Usage" vol. by Stork?
Sicking, C. M. J.
> Title: Two studies in the semantics of the verb in
> classical Greek / C.M.J Sicking & P. Stork.
> Published: New York : E.J. Brill, 1996.
> LC Call No.: PA427 .S53 1996


No, I didn't know about the Sicking/Stork volume (I have an earlier
article by Sicking on imperatives from *Glotta* I think--it was not
perspicuous if I recall). However the essay on "Aspect Choice" in that
volume looks *very* interesting. Thanks for the lead. Here is the full
bibliography you asked for (I have a zerox of some pages from the book
from some time ago found at UCLA I think);
has a copy:

Stork, Peter. *The aspectual usage of the dynamic infinitive in
Herodotus* (Groningen : Bouma's Boekhuis, 1982) [535 pages!].


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