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Date: Sat Apr 05 1997 - 10:12:50 EST

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<< Compare Targum Ps.-Jonathan of Deut. 32:39: "See then that I am the one
 is (now) and have been (in the past) and I am the one who will be (in the
 future)". Of course, this phrase recalls the title of Christ in Revelation
 1:4 (and other passages): *ho on - kai ho en - kai ho erchomenos*.
 Since Exod. 3:14 has been an issue also discussed in the Biblical Greek
 list, I send the present message over to it too. >>

Just thought I would ask: Why do think HO ON KAI HO EN KAI HO ERCHOMENOS
(hereafter ON EN ERCH) is a title of Christ in Rev. 1:4? In 1:4 John writes
to the Churches in Asia, KHARIS HUMIN KAI EIRENE APO [ON EN ERKH] . . . _KAI_
APO IESOU CHRISTOU. Seems to be a clear distinction between ON EN ERCH and
the Lord Jesus.

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