Re: secular quotations in Paul

From: Edgar Krentz (
Date: Tue Apr 08 1997 - 11:30:49 EDT

Ken, that has been done by many people; e.g., Abe Malherbe's work on 1
Thessalonians, mine on military language in Philippians, Fred Danker on
Plutarch's self-praise and 2 Corinthians or his work on benefactor motivs
in the NT. There is still a lot of work to be done. The Hellenistic Ethics
and the NT group at SBL completed a major study on friendship (2 vols
published, one by Brill, the other by Scholars Press) and has now advanced
to the PAQH.

I agree that such inter-textual study is highly significant, though Richard
Hayes finds more between the lines than I do. It's an important book!

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