From: John Oaklands (
Date: Mon Apr 07 1997 - 09:07:07 EDT


I appreciated your message in response to Brian and his being removed from a
list out of bigotry on the part of the owner. I see that as rather
self-righteous and unchristian. I fully endorse what you have written on
tolerance for diversity. I'm also somewhat concerned that someone's entire
faith should rest on inerrantism and not Jesus Christ. I understand that
according to Paul in Romans tolerance is a part of God's reaction to the
human race--to the Jews and even to a whole variety of Christians. I'm
thinking of THS ANOCHS (TOU QEOU) in Romans 2:4 and EN TH(i) ANOCH(i) TOU
QEOU, 3:26, where ANOCH obviously means 'tolerance'. This then would also
be an important attitude and way of life for followers of God. At least
that is how I see it.

After all, who or what is perfect? And here I also like what Micheal Palmer
said about Scripture being God-breathed and imperfect! Who spoke or wrote
flawless Greek? With respect to the Greek at least, for example, the text
of Revelation has its grammatical flaws.

I like your thought that Christian charity and common courtesy require
respect for diversity of opinion. I think that a lot of the conflicts in
the christian church today would be solved immediately if this sort of
philosophy were adhered to and practiced. I agree with what you say about
personal attacks too and I guess that one of the reasons I like b-greek is
the acceptance of one another regardless of theological background, the
freedom of expression, the freedom to have an opinion and be listened to.

For me bigotry and intolerance reveal ignorance. In the words of an Aussie
writer, some think that ignorance is bliss, but I say that ignorance is

What you say about personal attacks reminds me of an Italian New Yorker who
was in my home in Los Angeles one day. He said that in this country we're
all free to express ourselves and to act, but your freedom ends where my
nose begins. I liked that. I find this well exemplified on b-greek and I
like it. I also feel that it is therefore more scholarly and I must say I
appreciate very much the scholarly nature of b-greek.


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