Conversion in Luke Acts

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Date: Wed Apr 09 1997 - 01:48:19 EDT

Hi all,

I am currently enrolled in a paper entitled Paul in Focus which is looking
primarily at the three conversion stories in Acts i.e. 9, 22 and 26. However
therein lies the question. The word for conversion epistrepho does not
appear at all in these accounts and some suggest that Paul has only been
My questions then are as follows.
What are the semantics of epistrepho?
Is it a technical term that deals with turning as an act or is it
specifically related to turning to God?
How does this relate to metanoia which is used in Peter's speech?
Although the word convert is not mentioned in Paul's 'conversion' accounts
could it be that if the account's activities correspond to what we
understand as convesion then we may as well cll it that?
It seems to me that Paul has done an about turn from persecutor to
persecuted, from beleiving the torah to be the way of salvation to seeing it
as hinging upon Jesus. Is Paul's acceptance of Jesus as risen Lord then to
be seen as conversion, repentance, call or all of the above?

Many thanks.

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