general response to b-greek to a fellow b-greeker I know

From: JAMES C Wiersum (
Date: Wed Apr 09 1997 - 17:47:41 EDT

Dear Bill,
        Fun isn't it! But I wonder if I can keep up with all the
postings. But what's fun for me is that for the first time in a long time
I'm dealing with things other than church growth and evangelism. My
colleagues have made church growth and evangelism into almost a cult and
have greatly neglected the Bible itself.
        I do think, though, as one of the posts said, b-greek is getting
too linguistic. This has already happened in philosophy. Linguistic
analysis has the aura of the scientific. Yet linguistics like everything
else has its presuppositions.
        Biblical interpretation should lead to theology. What is needed
are b-greek scholars who approach the Greek text of the NT like Allan
Bloom and Leo Strauss approached the Greek text of Plato. Whether you
agree with them or not they were doing interpretation that led somewhere,
not into a "glass bead game."

           Jim Wiersum

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