Re: Attention aspect geeks: John 15:6 EBLHQH, EXHRANQH

From: Don Wilkins (
Date: Mon Apr 07 1997 - 19:38:31 EDT

At 9:22 AM 4/7/97, Mark B. O'Brien wrote:
>In a way, I think this is consistent with what Don Wilkins was saying...
>older grammarians have often hammered through these issues with a lot
>more blood sweat and tears (no Gramcord <G>), and arrived at conclusions
>that are, for the most part, very sound, and we should approach
>substantial revisions of their work with a great deal of caution.

Mark reads me correctly (for what that is worth), and my thanks to him for
adding more light to the issue.

Don Wilkins

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