Personal request

From: Leo Percer (
Date: Fri Apr 11 1997 - 09:32:21 EDT

Hello all:

I am really enjoying some of the discussions of late, especially the
authorial intent and aspect discussions. Even though I rarely contribute,
I do look forward to reading my B-Greek mail. Now, may I ask a favor of
all of you who write in with specific questions about particular sections
of the NT? When you cite a passage, could you perhaps include a full quote
of the main verse in question in transliterated Greek? Some of us receive
this mail when we are away from our Greek NTs. Granted, I could just save
the post and look it up later, but it would help me appreciate the nuances
of the post more if I had the verse right there in front of me. Any
comments are of course welcome!


Leo Percer

Who usually receives his mail at work and doesn't always remember to bring
his Nestle's to work with him!

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