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From: Thomas Biddy (
Date: Fri Apr 11 1997 - 14:51:55 EDT

Dear Sara,

Parsons Technology has created Greek Tutor. You need a Multimedia PC
because it teaches pronunciation but it is probably the equivent of a 1st
year course.

I hope the wonderful people on our b-greek list don't consider this a
commercial. We have mentioned the program before and Parsons is a good
company. I like their name, too. :-)


On Fri, 11 Apr 1997, Sara R. Johnson wrote:

> Greetings all!
> I fear I'm about to introduce another one of those well-canvassed
> Frequently Asked Questions, but I have searched the archives and explored
> all of the usual resources on the web, and I still don't feel I've found a
> satisfactory answer to this question.
> I will be teaching NT Greek in the fall, and I would like to find one or
> more good software tools for drilling Greek vocabulary and forms, with a NT
> focus if at all possible. The U of R is heavily dominated by Macs, and I
> have no access to a multimedia PC to test PC software, so I would prefer to
> explore only Mac options unless there is some PC-only package which is an
> absolute sine qua non.
> I know that there are some software tools that accompany Mounce's Basics of
> Biblical Greek, available for download on the teknia website. I've also
> read about Parsons Technology's Greek Tutor, but from everything I can
> discover Greek Tutor is PC-only. Surely there must be more out there,
> especially for the Macintosh. What am I missing?
> As a peace offering for introducing this tired old question, I can highly
> recommend a couple of software packages designed for classical Greek. =)
> There is a software package called Gramma (Centaur Systems) which is meant
> to accompany Athenaze; this one is so good, and so easily customizable,
> that I might end up using it even for an NT course. You can choose exactly
> which forms you want to drill, and the vocabulary section can be customized
> to add new vocab lists.
> There is also a fairly good software tool written to accompany
> Mastronarde's Introduction to Attic Greek, called the Electronic Workbook
> (UC Berkeley Press). The main disadvantage is that this one is less easily
> customizable, and unlike Gramma, it doesn't allow students to type in
> Greek. But it has a good accent drill, and some of its drills can be
> extrememly challenging -- a good test for the student who wants to stretch
> his/her skills. And you can add your own vocab lists.
> Both of these are based on Hypercard, and so are Mac-only.
> Incidentally, I'd also be curious to hear about favorite Hebrew drills for
> the Mac, but that's only for my own benefit -- I am constantly struggling
> to improve my rather pathetic Hebrew. The Greek question is more pressing.
> Thanks in advance!
> Sara R. Johnson
> Visiting Assistant Professor
> Department of Religion and Classics
> University of Rochester

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