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Date: Sat Apr 12 1997 - 08:01:42 EDT

At 6:29 PM -0500 4/11/97, Don Wilkins wrote:
>I held back from responding to your question because my suggestion will
>appear self-serving, but considering your latest request I will point out
>that I wrote a Greek tutorial program some years ago named "HyperGreek" for
>the Mac. It is published by Intellimation and it received mixed reviews,
>mostly because it is incomplete (I put together what I felt was a
>first-semester course). I plan to add to it and finish a year's course of
>study, but due to publishing issues and time constraints I have not done
>further work on it yet. You can purchase it from Intellimation with a
>30-day money back guarantee at about $35 or so, or I would be happy to
>binhex and e-mail you a copy. It has digitized pronunciation and other
>goodies, but is not tailored for any existing textbook, and might not meet
>your needs as-is (I would be happy to help you adapt it as much as
>possible). I would be happy to give you more information if you wish.

The shock of recognition! I remember reading that blurb on your HyperGreek
program, Don, but the name didn't mean anything then because it was before
I ever starting out on B-Greek. So it was you! I have a modest HyperCard
flashcard program that I've set up for two different Latin textbooks and
one Greek textbook that I've offered in the past to anyone who wanted them,
and even thought of submitting it to Intellimation, but in fact I don't
think it's any better or even as good as Mounce's Mac program which is NOT
based on HyperCard or as Mastronarde's, which I have seen. I might call
attention, however, to another HyperCard program for Koiné vocabulary that
I have noticed in the past and have looked at some time ago: it was called
"Priscilla's Parsing" or something like that, and I think it ought to be
found by searching AOL's shareware archives under the heading, "Education."
I don't remember the author's name beyond the Priscilla, but she was a
regular teacher of NT Greek.

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