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I thought you might be interested. This Greek font is based on fifth
century BCE Greek inscription letter forms. It might be of interest to open
the web site and look at it. And it could also be of interest on your web
site for Little Greeks--if you have a section on getting Greek fonts.

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An interesting font set--though *not* useful for writing ancient
Greek--is produced and marketed by the P22 Type Foundry. Called
Acropolis, the set contains "Acropolis Then" (smaller and larger
versions of all the Greek capital letters), "Acropolis Now" (a full font
in which the letters of the Roman alphabet are based on the lettering
from a fifth-century Greek stele), and "Acropolis Extras" (the best part
of the set, 52 images--"dingbats"--drawn from figures and images on
Greek vases and coins, some of which are designed to make continuous
linking borders, including two nice Meanders). The set is not cheap
($23.95), but is available for both Windows and Mac, I have found it
wonderful for flyers and posters. Check out the P22 web page to see
what the fonts look like:
<>. Barbara

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