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Date: Wed Apr 16 1997 - 08:30:15 EDT

> Could someone explain to me the "possible" reasoning
> behind the author of 1 Peter choosing LITHOS (stone)
> as a metaphor for Jesus? Surely there is a reason of
> some sort, for he uses that word several times in
> 1 Peter 2:4-8.
> Thanks.
> Jamen McGranahan

My understanding is that there are a few words that can be translated
rock, or stone in English, but that LIQOS includes in its range of meanings
a cut stone such as one used in building,.

As Maurice and others have mentioned, it refers back to Psalms.
There has also be some discussion of the Biblical theme comparing the old
physical temple and the new living temple.

One more analogy is that Jesus was set as the "cornerstone", the stone by
which all others in the building are referenced. The straighter the
cornerstone, the straighter the building. The indictment here is that the
spiritual leaders lacked the ability to distinguish a "straight stone"
appropriate for the corner, from a crooked one, not suitable for the
building at all.

Ellen Adams
WellSpring Fellowship
Sheridan, Colorado

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