...and he stood, praying this to himself...

From: Mike A Porter (nikeo@juno.com)
Date: Wed Apr 16 1997 - 19:35:22 EDT


Luke 18:11

Has anyone got an opinion as to who the Pharisee was praying to? It
seems that the prayer is terminating on the Pharisee, rather than this
being a reference to the Pharisee praying off by himself. I say this
for what appears to be obvious contextual reasons, and they are: 1) He
was praying in such a way to be noticed, and Jesus seems to be mocking
him, saying that his prayer was ineffective since it did not leave him.
It almost is as if Jesus is saying that he was a god unto himself, but
that is interpretation, and not grammar.

So, how do you all read this passage? Is he talking to himself in the
sense of thinking out loud, or is Jesus saying that he is praying to

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