Greek... Latin? German?

From: Walt McFall (
Date: Sun Apr 20 1997 - 07:17:30 EDT

Carl wrote:
> <snip> Perhaps in
> edition 30 or so these sections too will be in either German or English,
> since those have become the chief languages of NT scholarship. But there
> WAS a time, and not that far back in the Christian era, when the ONLY
> language one could expect readers of the GNT everywhere to know, apart from
> NT Greek, was Latin.

G'day Carl (& All),

Regarding NT/OT studies... after one learns the basics of Greek and
Hebrew (and then of course, keeps studying Greek and Hebrew further),
which other language would be of the greatest assistance and should
be the next in line to begin studying... Latin or German ? Why ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


Walt McFall

Augustine wrote:

"The teacher of Holy Scripture must teach
what is right and refute what is wrong.

In doing this, he must conciliate the hostile,
rouse the careless, and tell the ignorant about
current events and trends for the future" ...

so that his hearers become "friendly, attentive,
and ready to learn."


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