Re: Exceptionless rules in Greek

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sun Apr 20 1997 - 07:58:07 EDT

At 9:14 PM -0500 4/19/97, Kevin and Sandi Anderson wrote:
>One little rule that I picked up from a prof. somewhere in my adventures in
>Greek study is as follows:
><<Adjectives with an alpha-privative will always be two-termination
>I have found this to be invariably true, although I haven't subjected this
>rule to more rigorous, scientific testing.

Although I haven't tested it either, I believe that the principle above
applies not only to alpha-privative adjectives but to ALL compound
adjectives (e.g., those with EU-, DUS-, KAKO-, etc. prefixes are quite
common and definitely in this category, but the category of compound
adjectives is actually much broader, and so far as I know, they are all
2-termination adjectives).

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