Re: Zerwick in Latin

From: Perry L. Stepp (
Date: Sun Apr 20 1997 - 17:21:05 EDT

> The present ignorance of, and hostility to, Latin should not blind us to
> the fact that not too long ago, it was very much the language known by
> educated persons. To this day, one of the addresses at graduation
> eremonies at Harvard is in Latin. Here at Wellesley, every semester the
> students perform a play in classical Latin or in classical Greek, in
> alternation. (I was once roped into playing a part in Aristophanes
> as was Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones, Regius Professor of Greek at Oxford.)

In the late 1920's, my grandmother delivered her high-school valedictory
address in Latin. This in a small town in southwest Missouri--a farming
community, no less--with a graduating class of around 50. And I complain
if I have to crack a dictionary!


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