Re: Mark 7.19

Date: Mon Apr 21 1997 - 12:54:35 EDT


        Thank you for writing this! As you may know or can guess, it's a
view which I have held for more than thirty years. (And I take the same
position on Paul's LXX citations, too.) In other words, you are right!
And, you are also right that it is not easy to DEMONSTRATE (PROVE).


You wrote:

In terms of Mark's redactional tendencies, however, I would like to add one
additional comment along these lines: although one might fault Mark with
writing poor Greek here, if we accept that KAQARIZWN must be construed with
the subject of LEGEI, I'm moving ever more strongly to the view that what
looks like bad Greek in Mark is explicable in terms of a conservative
tendency AGAINST rewriting a traditional text that he has received (the way
that Luke and Matthew seem to do more freely) and in favor of ATTACHING his
redactional elements where they are least obtrusive in the context of the
received tradition. Admittedly that would not be an easy proposition to
demonstrate and an attempt to do so exceeds the scope of discussion here.

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