Re: Mark 7.19

Date: Tue Apr 22 1997 - 16:48:53 EDT

> While one
>tends to think of Luke as the gospel closest to the Pauline mission, I know
>that I am not alone in thinking that Mark is much more attuned to the
>Gentile mission and the Pauline theme that "Christ is the end of the Law."
>=46or my part, therefore, I think that the phrase KAQARIZWN PANTA BRWMATA is
>indeed an expression of Mark's radical interpretation of Jesus as
>transcending traditional Jewish norms.

        Again, exactly right. Mark is the Pauline Gospel. not Luke. Luke
is the "Episcopalian" Gospel, finding everybody right, Peter and Paul
agreeing, all of us happy together. Mark is the Gospel according to Paul.


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