Matthew 7.6

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Date: Mon Apr 21 1997 - 03:59:13 EDT

Jim Clardy wrote:

>My question: Are there any clues found in KUSIN or XOIRWN as to the
>actual meaning of TO hAGION? I've read all the arguments about dogs and
>swine referring to heretics or Gentiles and remain unconvinced. There
>just seems to be more here than a "vulgar" reference. Finally, is there
>anything in the nature of TWN XOIRWN or MARGARITAS which would cause
>the violent reaction so stated?

Errors frequently occur in messages to this List. One consequence is
that occasionally a meaningless sentence is produced. I expect there
are dozens of meaningless sentences (due to unintentional error!) in the
List archives. It is very unlikely indeed that the original manuscript
of any book of the New Testament was free from error, since they were
all handwritten. We should therefore expect occasional sentences in the
NT which are nonsense. Is not Mt 7.6 one such sentence? Others I would
include are: Mt 6.34(b) and Mk 9.49.

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