Matthew 7:6

From: James C. Clardy, Jr. (
Date: Sun Apr 20 1997 - 21:29:43 EDT

Here is an exact quote from THE NEW INTERPRETER'S BIBLE in reference to
Matthew 7:6 -- "The saying is constructed chiastically—the dogs tear to
pieces, and the pigs trample the pearls in the mire. Thus the general
proverbial meaning is clear enough: the truism that holy things should
not be profaned...It is thus easier to comment on what the saying does
not mean than to explicate its meaning. In this case, we should simply
acknowledge that the saying is provocatively obscure, both in its
original context (if it goes back to Jesus) and in its Matthean

My question: Are there any clues found in KUSIN or XOIRWN as to the
actual meaning of TO hAGION?

I've read all the arguments about dogs and swine referring to heretics
or Gentiles and remain unconvinced? There just seems to be more here
than a "vulgar" reference.

Finally, is there anything in the nature of TWN XOIRWN or MARGARITAS
which would cause the violent reaction so stated?

Jim Clardy

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