Epistolary aorists and 1 Cor. 5.9

From: Mark Goodacre (GOODACMS@m4-arts.bham.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Apr 24 1997 - 13:01:56 EDT

I don't necessarily want to detract from the discussion of 1 John,
but there is a good example of a crux verse for interpretation in 1
Cor. 5.9 - EGRAPSA UMIN EN TH EPISTOLH . . . This is usually taken as a
reference to a previous later of Paul, but it is quite possible that
he is referring to the letter he is writing at that moment, i.e. 1
Cor., using *the epistoloary aorist*. I think that this would make
good sense here since he says that the topic of that letter was MH
SUNANAMIGNUSQAI PORNOIS - one of the most important topics in 1 Cor.

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