Re: "ARSENOKOITAI" in 1 Cor. 6:9

From: Mike A Porter (
Date: Wed Apr 23 1997 - 20:40:14 EDT

Louw and Nida offset this word against the previous word, malakoi. The
idea is that the term you are interpreting is the aggressive male in a
homosexual relationship, and malakoi, the passive. We, in our
crudeness, call them Butch/Jane relationships. So, what Paul would be
saying, if Louw and Nida are correct, would be that no part of the
homosexual relationship is acceptable.

Mike Porter

>Currently I am wrestling with the proper interpretation of the word
>"arsenokoitai" in this verse. Etymologically, the word seems to be
>compound in nature, containing both "arsenos"=3Dman/male, and
>"koitai"=3Dbeds/marital relationships. The question is, is it fair to
>translate this as "male marital relationships" as in homosexual
>relationships. It would seem to be so, however many of the newer
>leave this word translated merely as "male sexual pervert". This
>translation to me seems to be vague, and to skirt the more obvious
>translation. However I await your input...
>In Christ,
>Mike MacKinnon
>M.Div. Cand.
>McMaster Divinity College
>Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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