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Date: Fri Apr 25 1997 - 19:55:13 EDT

>At 2:16 PM -0400 4/23/97, James Ernest wrote:
>>A question that arises out of a current project: Would I be wrong in
>>assuming that just about nobody in the USA really has access to or uses
>>Winer-Moulton or any other English translation of Winer's Grammatik
>>des neutestamentlichen Sprachidioms?
>It is true that copies of this grammar are hard to find. I used it a fair
>amount while working on _Levels of Constituent Structure_, but I do not
>have a personal copy. If you know of a place to get a reprint, I would be
>interested. Is Hendrickson interested in producing one?

Michael, check the American Theological Library Association's program that
is putting nineteenth and early twentieth century books out on microfiche.
They just might have filmed this. They have now filmed thousands of
volumes. I have a copy of the bibliography they put out about 1990, and it
was already a fat text. There is just a good chance that you can buy it for
less than $15.00 on fiche.

In fact, you are probably aware that Scholars Press has a bibliograpy of
books in classical studies that have available on microfiche. Their
standard charge in 1989 was $2.00 per fiche. One can get inscriptions and
papyri that are either very expensive or out of print from that source.

I have a copy of Winer that I bought for $1.25 about 30 years ago. Printed
in 1882 by T & T Clark in Edinburgh, its paper is quite brittle, aging the
way the paper in many books from that era has. Though I have the original
green covers, the binding is completely loose.

I decided to send this to the list, because these two resources are so

Peace, Ed Krentz

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