RE: Ancient Greek Dancing (fwd)

From: Owen Cramer (
Date: Sat Apr 26 1997 - 13:56:53 EDT

It's been years since I looked at it, but I bet the standard stuff in
is still Lillian Lawler, which isn't exactly "dreary competence" but is
discouraging on the possiblity of actually *doing* ancient Greek dance;
Germaine Prudhommeau in France is still publishing (vol. 1 of a history
of the dance in 1995, says the WorldCat:
 AUTHOR: Prudhommeau, Germaine.
| TITLE: Histoire de la danse. Tome 1, Des origines a la fin du Moyen
| /
| EDITION: 2eme edition.
| PLACE: Luisant (France) :
|PUBLISHER: La recherche en danse,
| YEAR: 1995
| PUB TYPE: Book
| FORMAT: 230 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Her specific 2-vol work on Greek dance:
   AUTHOR: Prudhommeau, Germaine.
| TITLE: La Danse grecque antique ...
| PLACE: Paris,
|PUBLISHER: Editions du Centre national de la recherche scientifique,
| YEAR: 1965
| PUB TYPE: Book
| FORMAT: 2 v. (721 p.) plates. 28 cm.
| SUBJECT: Dance -- Greece.
| Dance in art.
Struck me as awfully certain about the parallels between classical
and ancient moves, but she has a lot of pix and it's fascinating

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