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From: Jeffrey Gibson (jgibson@acfsysv.roosevelt.edu)
Date: Sat Apr 26 1997 - 10:31:33 EDT

For Biblical students, F. Danker has produced a handbook called
Multipurpose Tools for Biblical Studies - a text which discusses, among
other things, the origins, differences between, and merits of the various
series of commentaries, critical editions, dictionaries, lexicons, etc.
It is an invaluable reference work for anyone wanting to know
the difference between the Meyer series and the Black's, the USB
version of the GNT or the Nestle/Aland.

My question (given the bandying about on this list of such terms as
Bude, and names of various editors, editions, acronyms, etc) is
whether there is anything similar for classical literature? Not
dictionaries, mind you like the OCD, or histores of Greek and Roman
literature, but a guide to the dictionaries and histories, the
critical editions, etc.

Jeffrey Gibson

P.S. I posted a query a week ago about English translations of
certain works of Galen. So far there has been no response. May I
resubmit this question?

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