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Dear Calvin:

According to the _Cambridge History of the Bible: The West From the
Refomation to the Present Day_. Cambridge: At the University Press, 1963.,
Chapter 3 Coninental Versions, Section 5, Spanish Versions, pp 127-128,
edited by S. L. Greenslade, chapter by E.M. Wilson:

 "The first complete translation of the Bible (including the Apocypha) inot
Spanish appeared at Basle in 1569 (reissued at Frankfurt in 1602 and 1622).
It was the worik of Cassiodore de Reyna (or de Reina), like Perez de Pineda,
a refugee monk who escaped form the Convent of San Isidore of Seville during
the fifties. From the Old Testament he leaned heavily on Ferrara Bible, the
syntax and vocabulary of which he normalized and modernized. This book is
known as the Bear Bible (Biblia del Oso) , because of the title-page device
which shows a bear seraching for honey in a tree trunk. It is written in
good straightforward prose.
Reyna's reviser Cipriano de Valera, had also been a monk of San Isidoro. His
version differs form the earlier one only in details. The New Testament was
printed by 'Ricardo del Campo' (i.e Richard Field of London) in 1596 and the
complete Bible (including the Apocypha) appeared in Amsterdam six years
later. many later Spanish Protestant Bibles derive from this, including some
printed by the British and Foreign Bible Society since 1861. "

According to _Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible_, Supplemental Volume, page
409, column two:

Cassidore de Reina a distinguinish Hellenist was occupied for twelve years
on the translation The OT portion was probably little morte than a
translation of the Latin version of Pagininus.

Hope this helps!

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