Re: Distinction between KUKLOW and KUKLEUW

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Mon Apr 28 1997 - 12:36:19 EDT

At 6:51 PM -0500 4/27/97, Rod Bias wrote:
>(1) What is the difference between KUKLOW and KUKLEUW?
>(2) Do other verbs exist with this -OW and -EUW distinction?

Yes, and what about KUKLEW? and KUKLIZW?

Essentially, -OW verbs are denominative factitive verbs from O-stem nouns;
KUKLOW means "make a circle, encircle, surround"; while -EUW verbs are
denominative agentive verbs derived from agent nouns in -EUS or -EUTHS;
KUKLEUW means "be an encircler"--LSJ gives as primary senses "wind round,"
"traverse" (MIAS hHMERAS KUKLEUEIN PERIODON), "work a water wheel"

Another good example of this difference in verb stems is with
DOULOS/servant: DOULOW = "enslave," while DOULEUW = be a servant.

KUKLEW means "go around in a circle"; KUKLIZW (factitive) means "cause to

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